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Baskets for Industrial Applications

Baskets for Industrial Applications

In addition to all those wood and wicker baskets out there that have intricate designs and lovely liners, there’s a genre of baskets–industrial-grade wire mesh baskets, to be exact–designed for a completely different line of work. These baskets, while not quite so pretty sitting on a display shelf in your kitchen, are perfect for sorting, cleaning, degreasing, spraying, dipping, coating, and storing parts and pieces of a rougher sort. Talk about heavy duty! We’re discussing baskets that are made from carbon steel and 304 stainless steel, with welds holding the rod frames together, rather than little staples through wood or reed frames. This just really isn’t quite the kind of basket you would use to give away an apple crisp gift mix, for example. This is the kind of basket an automobile parts company might buy to sort the big ol’ nuts and bolts for use in car engines . . . sort them or clean all the grease off them, maybe. These are baskets you don’t necessarily have to wash your hands before using, even if you’ve just come out from under an old truck.

AnySizeBasket.com is an e-commerce site that allows for any size order, as well as any size basket (from among their wide range of offerings, of course). They have no minimum quantity requirement, which makes it possible for anyone to order through them, either for personal use or for commercial use. They make all the baskets at their manufacturing facility in York, Pennsylvania, and they have lots of options, from shape to size to mesh to handle. If you’re not entirely sure what specifications are best suited to your application, check out their Frequently Asked Questions page–it gives clear explanations of a number of details regarding industrial-grade baskets, with answers to questions on everything from the materials they offer and the method of measuring mesh size to the process for placing an order and the shipping company that will deliver your basket (UPS, in case you’re interested).

This site is tied in with Three M Tool, and if you can’t find the exact basket you need on AnySizeBasket, you can use the Customer Service page to get in contact with someone to get help with a custom order. Before you do that, though, you should play with the form on the home page. It’s set up with a series of drop-down lists, so you can, one by one, work your way through the options available for these baskets. As you make selections, the picture at the top of the form changes, to match, so as you go, you’re getting a rough idea of the basket you’re creating. When you submit your specifications, with this form, you get a price list, variations in price depending on order quantity. At that point, you can place an order or go back and start all over again. Not a bad setup, at all!

So, if you’re in the market for a basket for the garage, rather than for the living room, check out AnySizeBasket.com.

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