Business Strategy

The Positive Post Sale Transition

Focusing on the finish line of a transportation business sale is a fine ambition. However, developing tunnel vision in the process will only hurt the transaction. The minutia of finances, paperwork and loads of stress may overwhelm an individual to distraction. Sacrificing a positive post sale transition just to end the deal will cost the […]

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Preventing Seller’s Remorse

The process of selling a transportation business is often a long, with many confusing aspects. Transportation businesses are a unique niche in the business world resulting in a tough market. Perhaps one of the most difficult aspects to any deal is the emotions involved. A business owner’s connection to the business can be personal, making […]

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Tricks for Pushing a Small Business Toward Success

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Sometimes, all it takes to be successful is a little effort in advertising and promotional material. If you have a business, such as a pizza shop, that is run by your family, you know how difficult it is to go against big name competitors, like Domino’s and Pizza Hut. You can have a fighting chance […]

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Mistakes to Avoid When Selling Your Business

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Very often, people will make mistakes when selling their business that can ultimately be detrimental to a sale. By avoiding these mistakes, you increase your chances of closing a profitable sale successfully. One mistake to avoid is neglecting minor issues. Every business has problems, and not every problem can be solved. However, if there is […]

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Can I Sell My Business if Debts are Greater Than Profits?

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Many buyers worry that their business’s debt will keep it from selling, but this is usually not the case. Because you have so much invested in your business, the struggles your business is facing are probably your only focus. You probably no longer see the positive aspects of your business because debt is obscuring your […]

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Flash Drive Branding Can Make Your Business Delicious

So I’m in the kitchen, with my arms buried in a bowl full of pizza dough when the red light begins to flash in my mind. Sometimes that can be scary – very scary, believe me! I’ve got piles and piles of recipe cards everywhere and books and books of recipes.  I’ve tried neatly organizing […]

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