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Promote Art

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If you know someone who is aspiring to be an artist, consider furthering their dreams with a simple act of kindness. All you have to do is gather information, save it on a flash drive, and then present said information to that person.

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Tricks for Pushing a Small Business Toward Success

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Sometimes, all it takes to be successful is a little effort in advertising and promotional material. If you have a business, such as a pizza shop, that is run by your family, you know how difficult it is to go against big name competitors, like Domino’s and Pizza Hut. You can have a fighting chance […]

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Stash that Ash with a Flash Drive…

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You’re fingers fly over the keyword as you do your daily Google motivational searches: How to Quit Smoking Cold Turkey How to Quit Smoking Smoking Decreases Chance in Corporate Jobs Guides to Quit Smoking Fast The list just goes on and on … Looking to quit smoking? I think we have already established that point.

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What Could Your Classroom Do With 25 Free Flash Drives?

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That is the question that CFgear, the custom flash drive manufacturers in Sioux Falls, South Dakota are asking as a part of their effort to give back to the community with their Custom Flash Drive Giveaway Contest.

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Preserving Community Memories on Flash Drives

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For many towns, celebrating its homecoming is an event of pride and a way to commemorate the past. As towns approach their 50th, 75th, 100th, and so on homecoming anniversaries, they look for ways to bring the community together. They are also searching for ways to highlight the past, present, and future of the town. […]

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640,000 Pieces of Paper Piled on Your Desk

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When one thinks of 19,200 pictures, 640,000 document pages,or 2,048 MP3 files, the numbers are so extreme that they are hard to grasp. However, take a moment and imagine what 640,000 pieces of paper would look like piled up on your desk. It is several feet high, disorganized, and slightly leaning over. If you were […]

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Cooking with USB Flash Drives

Opening up my laptop, I pop in my handy recipe flash drive (if you didn’t read that post already, better backtrack and digest that one first!) and choose the topic of my liking: Apple Crisp recipes (of course!).  There’s even a video short preloaded on this USB drive, so I click play and watch good ol’ […]

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USB Flash Drives as Teaching Tools

The new English teacher walks into his classroom, a smile on his face, a pile of books in his hands, every action portraying that he is more than ready to dispense his knowledge to a room full of students. He steps to the front of the room to begin his first lecture. He’s excited about […]

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School Flash Drives in Bulk Purchase

Schools are adapting to the rapid changes in technology, and if they’re not adapting, they are quickly realizing that they need to adapt. A generation of students is coming through for education who are used to going to Google before they would use an encyclopedia to find out information they need to know. They download […]

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