The Overachieving Teen

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Balancing nutrition, sleep and exercise is the basic recipe for life. Without these three things, a person does not thrive. A teenager is exactly the same with a sprinkling of social life and parental approval. The teen that resides over clubs, holds a job and enrolls in AP classes may be lacking some life essentials. […]

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Does Your Teen Have Schizophrenia?

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“Why can’t you see it?” the schizophrenic asks his mother in disbelief. “You see it, don’t you mom? It is circling all around you.” The nineteen-year-old son raises his hands above his head in rage. “Mom, watch out!” the son said with a lack of breath, “It is going to strike you!” Immediately after, the […]

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Helping Hurting Teenagers

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Unhealed hurt can eventually lead to debilitating effects in anyone’s life. Even more susceptible to the evils of bitterness are teenagers. They often question “why me?” and “why did this happen?” Their hormones and emotions may be a factor in their bitterness. However, many teens that are faced with communication, broken promises, divorce, abuse, fights, […]

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Handling Early Motherhood With the Help of Flash Drives

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It’s four o’clock in the morning when your phone rings, waking you up from a nice, deep sleep, a sleep that’s becoming increasingly harder to get since the arthritis has set in. You look at the clock. Two hours until you have to get up and start getting ready for work. You answer the phone […]

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When Teens Push Their Parents to the Edge

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Much like a toddler testing his/her parents’ limits, teenagers also will rebel against and push their parents’ edges and limits. A teen is trying to find his/her place as an adult, but unlike an adult, is not completely aware of the consequences and effects of their decisions. Adolescence is often a time when teenagers are […]

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