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Imagine How Much a 32GB Flash Drive Can Hold
Post image for 640,000 Pieces of Paper Piled on Your Desk

640,000 Pieces of Paper Piled on Your Desk

When one thinks of 19,200 pictures, 640,000 document pages,or 2,048 MP3 files, the numbers are so extreme that they are hard to grasp. However, take a moment and imagine what 640,000 pieces of paper would look like piled up on your desk. It is several feet high, disorganized, and slightly leaning over. If you were to look for just one piece of paper out of those 640,000 pieces, how much work, time, and effort would it take? Maybe that paper is right in the middle (say around piece 320,000?). After you sifted through that many pages, you most likely would forget what you were looking for in the first place and have to start over.

If you are a sentimental person and tend to take hundreds or thousands of family photos, than you can grasp what too many pictures look like. However, can you fully grasp what 19,200 pictures would look like? If a photo album holds 300 photos, than you would have accumulated 64 albums! It would take a lot of time to organize these photos by date, event, family members, etc. When it comes time to actually show someone the picture from last year’s family reunion, how likely is it that you will find it in your massive pile of photo albums? Probably not very likely.

Perhaps, 2,048 MP3 files is a number that music loving people can understand. There are probably people that have that many songs on an Ipod or MP3 player. However, if you are still using a CD player, can you imagine storing all of those songs? If each CD holds 16 songs, that would be 128 CDs! So next time you are road tripping and want to listen to that one specific song on that one specific CD, you will probably need to find a spot to pull over for,well, a good bit of time.

get organized with flash drivesHowever, before you start to feel overwhelmed with all of these numbers, know that there is a solution! Depending on file size, photo quality, and length of song clip, a 32GB flash drive could hold around 640,000 document pages, or 19,200 pictures, or even 2,048 MP3 files.

If you are concerned with a going green initiative, think about what 640,000 sheets of paper cost the environment. If it takes 1 tree to make about 8,333 pages of paper, than that 640,000 sheets would have cost a forest over 76 trees! But by using a flash drive, you can store all of the information, files, documents, and work onto it and simply print only what is necessary. There is not a need for your desk to be cluttered with wasted page after page. You can organize all of your information into folders and quickly find that one specific document in no time.

Your photo collection can also be saved onto a flash drive, eliminating the need to print out 10 pictures of nearly the same pose. You can simply pick and choose what pictures to print. It can be organized however you wish (dates, events, people, etc). You can save money by sending copies of pictures to friends’ and family members’ e-mails. They can then decide if they want to print the picture themselves. With organization like this, your favorite family picture can always be easily found.

If your computer seems to be running slow because of your large collection of songs, saving them on a flash drive can not only speed up your computer, but also make them easily transferable. You can take them from home to work or school. Those 2,048 songs could be nearly 100 hours of playing time all saved on a compact flash drive.

Having a flash drive will save you time and money. Customizable bulk flash drives are a great idea for companies, schools, and organizations that could give them to their students or employees. Because you are a very busy person, why not eliminate some stress by organizing your life on a small, easily transportable flash drive?

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