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Industrial Wire Baskets for Commercial Ultrasonic Cleaning

Industrial Wire Baskets for Commercial Ultrasonic Cleaning

Ever think about how important small things are to the bigger things they are a part of? A towering oak tree grows hundreds of little acorns that drop to the ground, littering the forest floor. Yet each one of these little acorns has the potential to sprout and grow into another huge oak tree.

Have you ever planted a garden? In the spring, you drop little seeds in the garden, watering and taking care of them until they start sprouting. By summer, you might have a big round watermelon, or stalks of corn, or cucumbers.

Or what about the spark plugs underneath the hood of your car? Try removing one of them and then starting the car. A seemingly insignificant part is essential to keeping your vehicle running at all.

What about all the electronic devices you own: a cell phone, a PDA, a notebook computer. Each of these contains tiny microchips barely the size of your fingernail but necessary to operating these devices.

Not only are these small parts essential to operating these gadgets, they must be kept clean to work properly. A very fine cleaning process is required for this; ultrasonic cleaning does the job. Several industries use ultrasonic cleaning in making their goods ready to be sold at top quality.

The product to be cleaned is placed inside a wire mesh basket, which is then inserted into a tank containing a special chemical fluid. Ultrasonic waves go through the fluid, creating minute bubbles that cling to the object being cleaned and pop, removing dirt and any little particles.

The wire baskets used for this process are another example of a seemingly small item that’s important for the whole operation to work smoothly. So where do manufacturers buy equipment like this? Well, Three M Tool, a company based in York, Pennsylvania, makes custom wire baskets suited for an individual company’s needs.

In fact, wire baskets are used for a whole lot more besides ultrasonic cleaning. Take the aerospace industry, for example. They manufacture parts such as jet turbines that must be made to just the right size and be durable enough to withstand rapid temperature changes and incredibly fast movement. Several major aircraft manufacturers, including Boeing and Lockheed Martin, use products made by Three M Tool.

Again, the product is placed in a custom wire basket to be exposed to a testing process, which may involve dipping the project into a corrosive chemical and high temperatures. These baskets can be made of a variety of grades of stainless steel depending on the heat resistance needed.

Imagine how small some parts are inside a jet turbine, yet each part must meet industry standards to guarantee that the turbine will work effectively to fly a large jet and hundreds of passengers into the air, over the ocean, wherever their destination may be. That’s why industries take advantage of wire baskets, custom-made to hold parts in order to test them and treat them and prepare them for use.

Three M Tool also features a one stop “customize it yourself” website where standard size round and rectangular wire baskets that can be virtually built and ordered all online.

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