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Is Your Teenager Suffering from Bipolar Disorder?
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Is Your Teenager Suffering from Bipolar Disorder?

If your teen’s mood can change from euphoric to depressed to happy again to agitated in a matter of moments, he or she may be suffering from teen bipolar disorder. Bipolar disorder affects 1 percent of people. However, it remains very intense in teenagers because its symptoms begin showing up before the age of 35.

Teenage bipolar disorder can create long lasting effects and severe consequences if left untreated. It can wreak havoc on a teen’s school, personal, and family life. When a teen is elated, their extreme happiness may cause them to make impulsive decisions and even purchases. It can often make them feel hyperactive and they may resist the need for sleep. When the mood changes into one of extreme sadness, the teen may get angry, irritable, and impatient. During any one of these mood changes, the teen may think that they are worthless and become paranoid. They may cry or refuse to eat. Though extreme, suicide and insomnia can also occur.

The uncontrolled emotions can often be embarrassing to deal with in a classroom setting. Bipolar disorder can make it hard to concentrate. The teen may have a melt down in a classroom in front of his peers. If left untreated, the symptoms will continue into adulthood, making it difficult to get or keep a job.

moody teenagerThe extreme change in moods is also not good for the overall health of your teen. A continuous lack of sleep and irregular appetite and eating habits can begin to cause medical issues.

Teen bipolar disorder can be caused by a number of things. While many believe that it is a genetic change in the body’s chemistry, it has also been associated with drug and alcohol abuse. Bad family relationships and chronic illnesses may also play a role in bipolar disorder.

Whatever the cause and symptoms that your teen may be displaying, it is important to seek professional help. Left untreated, bipolar disorder will slowly continue to destroy the teen’s life well into adulthood. It is a chronic, long-term disease that is not going to go away on its own.

Doctors will often prescribe mood stabilizers and other such medicines to start treatment. There are new medicines such as atypical anti psychotics now being offered. However, they are very expensive. Doctors may choose a combination of medications.

However, one major aspect plays a role in the effectiveness of such medications: whether the teen will take them. Those suffering from bipolar disorder tend to quit taking their medications when they are on a happy high. They see no need to continue their medicine since they feel good. However, as soon as they crash, they may return to their medicines.

If your teen is suffering from bipolar disorder, know that there is hope. Up to 20 percent of people will still have mood swings despite medicines. It becomes important to educate your family and the teen about bipolar disorder. It may also be important to have the teen monitored 24 hours a day and on a very regimented schedule.

Parents may turn to a boarding school. New Creations Boarding School has 40 trained staff members that can help your teen learn to cope with bipolar disorder. Their strict schedule will guarantee that the teen get into a routine. They can offer 24 hour supervision and help minister to the teen during extreme mood swings.

Their 12-15 month program can establish routines and habits that can become a part of your teen’s every day life. They can help restore relationships with family members. Learning to cope and live with bipolar disorder shouldn’t be done on your own. It is expected that you will need help in the treatment. Receiving early treatment and lifestyle changes can help a teen succeed in school and transform into an adult.

Visit www.newcreationsboardingschool.org to learn more information about their Christian based boarding school. It may just be the answer to your prayers.

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