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Outdoor and Indoor Security with Home Automation

Outdoor and Indoor Security with Home Automation

With crime on the rise and the incidents of burglary becoming commonplace, it’s time that we started investing into a foolproof security system. Most families today opt for a stand alone system that caters to a number of varying requirements of safety. The system traditionally includes a camera network, a lighting system, an alarm system and a controller which controls all these together.

An essential part of any security system is the lighting system and all that comes with it. The floodlights are one of the most useful items that act as a security device and the X10 Dual Floodlight Outdoor Motion Monitor (PR511) seems to a possible fit for almost all requirements

With the ability to turn on whenever it detects motion, this device is an ideal one to keep unwanted trespassers at bay. Once set, you don’t have to leave the lights on all night so prowlers can see everything around your business or home.  This weather resistant device is capable of withstanding a lot of stress and strain. The PR511 Dual Floodlight Outdoor Motion Monitor is completely weather-resistant, and whenever there is a guest in your home, intended or unintended, two powerful lights turn on immediately. During the night, the magic box is also capable of controlling four X10 lights that can be spread all around your property.

The product comes with a built-in photocell and is able to tell when it is dark or light. The lights automatically turn on when there is movement in the dark. You can also adjust the device to react whenever it senses any motion at any point intime. When it is day time, the incorporated photocell will shut down the device to prevent energy waste. The X10 Dual Floodlight Outdoor Motion Monitor happens to be the ultimate solution for safety, and it is easy to connect the system with any X10 products and you are able to enjoy both indoor and outdoor lighting.

The system is available at The Home Automation Store and is available at a nice discount. Its selling price is $39.99 in contrast with the retail price of $49.99. The long range and wide angle of 110 degrees makes it an ideal device to own.

You can use 150W halogen lamps with the weatherproof device. The motion-detecting floodlights are able to carry a load up to 500 watts, but make sure you get the necessary fixtures. The device is capable of sensing motions up to a range of 40 feet, and covers a wide area at 110 degree. The Home Automation Store will ship out your order within 24 hours and deliver the products by USPS.

In case you require a foolproof system to work for you, just go ahead and start picking the system of your choice here. The Home Automation Store is right there waiting for you to explore.

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