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Pottery Studio complete (well, almost)

Pottery Studio complete (well, almost)

The studio has finally taken shape and become (go figure) a studio. No longer does it feel like a storage room. The only remaining storage is the bikes hung from the ceiling in a back corner and one lone shelving unit with a few odds and ends that look rather un-pot-like.

It’s a wonderful feeling, to have the studio up and running. Not only has the makeover just about wrapped up—we’ve already put in quite a few hours in there, working on a couple rush-job pots. That’s not even all! In the flurry of activity that immediately followed the renovations, we had a number of people through, and one guest went so far in his compliments as to put in an order for a pair of Christmas gifts.

My husband is the king of organization, as far as I’m concerned. Before we were even married, when we were setting up what would be our first home together (starting the night of our wedding), he expressed a strong desire to establish habits of orderliness, deciding that there should be “a place for everything, and everything in its place.” As we started on the remodeling and renovations, set up our gift registries, and shopped the clearance racks at places like Lowe’s, we worked to keep an overriding sense of tidiness throughout the house. Until this past month, the studio defied that desire for order. In all fairness to my husband, it was about as tidy as was possible with the volume of stuff being stored in there, from Christmas decorations to the new Jacuzzi tub waiting to be installed in the second bathroom, once we get a bit of major remodeling done.

In a matter of a couple weeks, the studio has sprouted amazingly-reinforced counters, shelves, sample racks, and extra storage space. The floor has absorbed a milky-white coating of plaster of paris, and a propane-fed “fake fire” warms the entire space from the corner. Even the baby gets in on the action, now. We can move her Pack-n-Play out there, so she can methodically “file” each of her toys outside the playpen. Nice thing is, she makes it easy for us to decide which toys need to be cleaned.

In his mass re-organization of the studio, my husband got quite a rush out of the opportunity to finally make places for everything that really belongs out there. He built shelves and racks, in addition to all the frames (complete with shelves) for the countertops. All he needs now is a series of custom wire baskets that can keep all his tools sorted. At this point, most of his tools still have to go along with him to work, but someday, maybe we’ll be able to bring everything home, where he can work full time. In the meantime, his tools ride around in a big shoulder-strap tool bag. He’s not so much a fan of baskets for organization, but he puts up with my preferences. Whereas he would rather have everything not aesthetically pleasing tucked out of sight in an organized manner, I tend to prefer being able to see everything, still wanting things organized but liking to see them. For me, baskets are the perfect solution for just about every organizing chore. It’s just that certain rooms require certain baskets, and our Longaberger baskets wouldn’t quite suit in the studio, although industrial wire baskets would work just fine.

That’s my opinion, but the studio is his domain, where I am a (welcome) guest and co-laborer…not the planner.

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muddy waters March 21, 2012 at 12:20 pm

Just checking out new studios that people are building. I am in the planning stages and looking for ideas that work well for potters. Any suggestions for counters and floors. Ware boards?

If you have any photos, I would love tot see them.

Thanks for any info you can give to a new studio wannabe.


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