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Storing Important Memories on a Custom Flash Drive
Post image for Preserving Community Memories on Flash Drives

Preserving Community Memories on Flash Drives

For many towns, celebrating its homecoming is an event of pride and a way to commemorate the past. As towns approach their 50th, 75th, 100th, and so on homecoming anniversaries, they look for ways to bring the community together. They are also searching for ways to highlight the past, present, and future of the town.

Some towns choose to create a “memory book.” This book can be filled with pictures of the town, along with descriptions and rich town history.

However, creating a print book does have its limitations. It can often be very expensive to print high quality photographs. You may have members of the community submit several hundred pictures. How will you choose which to include and which to omit? Perhaps a majority of the pictures are worthy of having a spot in the book. You may be looking at a couple hundred page book filled with only pictures.

Most members of the community also have digital videos of events throughout the town. Perhaps your town’s videographer has saved a video of the town’s most memorable labor day ceremony. Or, they may have videos of local war heroes returning to the town. Video clips of memorable events in the town would be a great way to remind members of the community of their town’s history. However, videos couldn’t be included in a memory book.

If you are in charge of your town’s history, you may be searching for a way to highlight pictures, text, and video clips. You may consider creating a DVD. However, you know that members of the community will want to take the DVD from place to place to share with all of their friends. A DVD is vulnerable to scratches and fingerprints, which can cause malfunctions or failure.

Instead you can choose to highlight all of your town’s history on a flash drive. Some flash drive manufacturers can customize a flash drive that will hold PDF files, Word documents, pictures, videos, and audio clips. You no longer have to choose which pictures to include. Use them all. You could choose to include some of the most memorable videos.

Patented INSTARUN technology will allow a picture to instantly pop up when the flash drive is inserted into a USB port. You could choose to feature the picture of a bird’s eye view of the town.

You can choose from a wide variety of shapes, sizes, and colors. One UK flash drive company has recently announced a unique flash drive that is designed in the shape of a key. You could offer community members a “key to the city.” The town’s name and founding date could be laser engraved or printed on the flash drive.

The best companies will guarantee that each and every flash drive have all of the provided files and documents uploaded correctly. No job is too big or small. They will work with you each and every step of the way.

The flash drive can be played in a computer or even new televisions that offer a USB port. Compiling 100 years worth of pictures, historical events, and videos will not be an easy task. Rather than waste time and money creating a book that has its limits, offer members of the community a unique way to commemorate your town’s past, present, and future.

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